Setting health goals

How can I change my health goal?

You can choose amongst four health goals when signing up

  • lose fat

  • control blood sugars

  • build muscle

  • eat healthy

To change your goal, go to the Profile page and click on Goal. Then click on the new goal you wish to pursue. Note that once your new choice is made the ranges for your Carb limit and Protein target will NOT be updated, they will remain as they were but within the goal’s new range. To get the new goal’s recommended carb limit and protein target click the blue Reset button on the Profile page.

The goals have different default macronutrient recommendations that are scaled to your body weight, body fat percentage and activity levels.

The recommendations are as follows

    • Lose fat

      • 50g net carbs (range 0 to 100g)

      • 70g total carbs (range 0 to 140g)

      • 1.8 g/kg of protein

    • Control blood sugars

      • 20g net carbs (range 0 to 40g)

      • 30g total carbs (range 0 to 60g)

      • 1.8 g/kg of protein

    • Build muscle

      • 125g net carbs (range 0 to 250g)

      • 150g total carbs (range 0 to 300g)

      • 1.8 g/kg of protein

    • Eat healthy

      • 80g net carbs (range 0 to 160g)

      • 100g total carbs (range 0 to 200g)

      • 1.8 g/kg of protein