Recommended macros

Where can I see my recommended macros? How are they calculated?

In the Profile page you can see your Recommended macros. Nutrita’s recommendation is derived from the information you provided during the onboarding process, namely your personal parameters (weight, activity levels…) and stated goal (fat-loss, blood sugar control…).

Nutrita’s macronutrient recommendations include a caloric estimate, a protein target, a carb limit and a fat estimate. Once your caloric need is estimated, your carb limit and protein target are set and the remaining calories are filled by fat.

These recommendations are a useful starting point. They are a base from which to experiment and refine, but they are not set in stone. You and your medical professional should always feel free to adjust your carb limit and protein target up or down accordingly.

Nutrita's goal-specific macronutrient recommendations are as follows

  • Lose fat

    • 50g net carbs (range 0 to 100g)

    • 70g total carbs (range 0 to 140g)

    • 1.8 g/kg of protein

  • Control blood sugars

    • 20g net carbs (range 0 to 40g)

    • 30g total carbs (range 0 to 60g)

    • 1.8 g/kg of protein

  • Build muscle

    • 125g net carbs (range 0 to 250g)

    • 150g total carbs (range 0 to 300g)

    • 1.8 g/kg of protein

  • Eat healthy

    • 80g net carbs (range 0 to 160g)

    • 100g total carbs (range 0 to 200g)

    • 1.8 g/kg of protein