Setting limits & targets
How do I set my carb limit to net or total carbs?
You can go to the Profile page and move the slider for the carb limit or protein target up or down. If you want to see what Nutrita's default recommendations were for your goal, simply click the blue Reset button in the Profile page.
The default recommendations are as follows.
    Lose fat
      50g net carbs (range 0 to 100g)
      70g total carbs (range 0 to 140g)
      1.8 g/kg of protein
    Control blood sugars
      20g net carbs (range 0 to 40g)
      30g total carbs (range 0 to 60g)
      1.8 g/kg of protein
    Build muscle
      125g net carbs (range 0 to 250g)
      150g total carbs (range 0 to 300g)
      1.8 g/kg of protein
    Eat healthy
      80g net carbs (range 0 to 160g)
      100g total carbs (range 0 to 200g)
      1.8 g/kg of protein
If you’re unsure of what limits you personally should be using, see the question What should my carb limit be?
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