New food errors

I get an error when trying to add a new food or item, how do I fix it?

You may get the following error messages.

All fields are required”. This means there’s a missing value amongst the fields name, serving size, fat, protein or total carbs field. If for instance you don’t have a value for fiber, enter 0 g if you still want to add the new food or item.

The sum of the Macronutrients can’t be greater than the serving size”. This is because we require that the sum of grams of fat, protein and total carbs not be bigger than the serving size (but it can be smaller). Please adjust your figures in order to not surpass the serving size.

Total Carbohydrates can’t be less than Fiber content”. Total carbohydrate = fiber + net carbs, so you must make sure that your figure for fiber is smaller than for total carbohydrates.

The values can’t be negative”. This means that you’ve entered a value with a negative number (e.g. -3, -12…). Please only enter positive ones (e.g. 0, 1, 2…).